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The Life-Giving Containers designs and builds beautiful community safe havens made of eco-friendly shipping containers to provide healing, education, and industry development to local communities. Through our sponsors, we are able to build sophisticated container spaces that reflect the luxurious nature and a high standard environment. We are able to provide free seminars, training and activities to children, teaching them the sciences of life such as growing there own organic foods, sewing, art, music, tech, fitness, self defense and spirituality as a base for becoming nation builders. Women's natural birth education, self defense, meditation and yoga are other classes that take place at the Life-Giving Containers. Every class is structured at the highest quality to ensure that we are giving life to those in need. Our classes are taught by professional educators, prominent business men and women, celebrities, professional athletes, retired professionals, all giving time to give life to others.  

We also provide sustainable, eco-friendly agriculture solutions to the community, helping them to learn how to feed themselves, feed others and starting a business to sell the surplus of there harvest. We have free food give-aways and provide tools and resources to empower those living within the community. The life-giving container is a shining example of what can be done when we work together to make a difference.

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Empowering lives with Life Giving Containers.

Life-Giving Containers is an organization that specializes in container development in Chicago, IL. The sophisticated containers are stationed in the inner cities as life-giving centers. Each container is designed and built with the finest natural materials to reflect the beauty of nature. The container is built secured with security shutters donated by All Secured Shutters, a Chicago based security shutter business, security cameras, automated wifi and blue tooth features, top of the line furnishings, and eco friendly amenities necessary to build a comfortable, secure space. We also offer agriculture gardens, sustainable practices and more. Our goal is to create a jewel in the community that not only provides life to the community by giving in a high standard way but also empowerment classes for youth and adults, free of charge. We want to provide a safe space that will help shape the future of our community.

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The Life-Giving Containers: A Look at Our Latest Project

The BLHF makes bold and revolutionary changes. The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, founded by Academy Award and Emmy-nominated actress and advocate Taraji P. Henson, provides access to culturally competent therapy resources through a network of clinicians and service providers, counselors, and thought leaders at HBCU.

All Secured Shutters and The Life-Giving Containers were contracted to install security rolling shutters on the She-Care Container Pods for THE BORIS LAWRENCE HENSON FOUNDATION.  

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